Thursday, March 10, 2016

A thought about Trump. Joke or bad joke.

Republicans! Have you ever had a conversation with your liberal friends and really listened to their views of Republicans? While I’m not a member of the Grand Ole Party, I do count myself as a right-heavy person. And I have listened to the rhetoric that comes from the ignorant members of the left-wingers club.

The red party goers have been called:
  • racist
  • greedy
  • unsympathetic toward the less-fortunate
  • more interested in appearance than substance
  • conspirators

Now, let’s take a look at the Elephant in the room.

Is it me or does Mr Trump come off like a parody of the list printed above? He seems to embody the extremes of each and every point! Why are we not making comparisons between him and another comb-over fan from 80 years ago?! The leftists were quick to pin a swastika on W. They labelled his dad in the same way.

I’m not saying that we are looking at another holocaust or even a fourth Reich. I am saying that we are buying into the same flash and glitter nationalism that bought the souls of a wounded Germany. We have been wounded ourselves and the current president has done little to bandage our national boo-boos. Let’s not goose-step into a fake fix that will get us into deeper trouble. Let’s look into some solid answers. Let’s walk away from our TVs and our YouTube and practice some of our own individual common sense!

Just a thought...

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